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hi, i'm kate and this is NEUTRAL LIVING.


about me

I'm a 20-something with big dreams and an unrelenting passion for wine and tacos. I have a vision and I want to change the world with it. 


I started @neutrallivingkate on IG in summer '20, with the desire to find a passion to spend my life pursuing. I'm so grateful to have found a piece of that in discovering NEUTRAL LIVING. In the years since creating my personal brand account, I have met so many amazing people and discovered so much about myself that I never would have otherwise.

I believe self love is the meaning of life.


When I'm not working on my business, you can find me rewatching Grease/Schitt's Creek/or Mamma Mia for the billionth time, having dance parties in my kitchen, reading a book, or taking in the sights of beautiful Burlington, Vermont. 

I have a beautiful, spunky husky mix named Cali, and a mini black panther named Remi. They're featured all the time in my work, partially because I love ’em and partially because they’re just always up in my business.

My husband is a big part of why I'm here, he's been my cheerleader in life since I was 14 years old. I'm so fricken lucky for that.

Daily gratitude is my secret weapon, and there's no such thing as too much cheese.


the mission

Rooted in solutions for the mind, body, and planet. We love self love and believe in making real change in the world. Self care is important and so is living a sustainable lifestyle - that's why we've brought together small businesses and artisans from around the world whose values align with ours and connect them with the right people -- you.


Love self care? Same.

Looking for more ways to reduce your waste? That's our love language.

Trying to find cleaner home and body products? You're knocking on the right door.

Just dipping your toe in? You're welcome here too - Hi! Come on in.


Coming from a fashion background and deep love for the planet, Kate hand selects all products herself, ranging from practical home accessories to indulgent self care.


By bringing together like-minded, do-gooders together, and ensuring all orders are shipped carbon neutral (learn more about that below), we can blend sustainable and ethical values with a holistic lifestyle, creating change in the way we experience online shopping.

Shipping orders carbon neutral is a founding value of NEUTRAL LIVING: 











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original photos by the talented 

darren benz photography


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