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our commitment to carbon neutral

Online shopping is a huge additive to the carbon emissions in our atmosphere. Between the energy it takes to make goods, air travel, and the trucks that bring deliveries to and from our homes. There are many steps that take us from 'add to cart' to our doorsteps. And it all adds up.


as a founding value, we ship all our orders carbon neutral. (as in NEUTRAL LIVING) What this means is we offset the carbon emissions it takes to get product from our suppliers' hands to yours.


those emissions, we can then purchase certified and responsible carbon credits that are additive in carbon reduction projects across the world (think rebuilding forests or improving energy efficiency).


the damaging effects that shipments can have on the environment, all while supporting small businesses and dreams across the world.

Image by engin akyurt

Greenwashing isn't welcome here. We take sustainability seriously by weaving it into every fiber of what we do. That way you can rest assured that every time you purchase from NEUTRAL LIVING, you're supporting a cleaner planet, fair working conditions, and an intentional lifestyle.

No parabens, preservatives, unnecessary waste, worker exploitation, or animal cruelty.


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