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hey, I'm Kate

I started NEUTRAL LIVING as part of my own journey through health and personal freedom. I believe that through our own healing journeys we can help those around us. Our life's greatest challenges and obstacles often teach us the very things we're meant to give the world.


I was diagnosed with lyme disease a few years ago and it's a challenge every day. But it teaches me to be grateful for my body and nourish it in every way that I can.


Experiencing great hurt in friendships taught me that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself.


I learned the power of being my own best friend, and those painful experiences placed me on my journey to self love.

That's where NEUTRAL LIVING was born.

It's scary how many unsafe chemicals are in everyday items. Safe, harmless products shouldn't be so difficult to access. Taking back control over what goes in our bodies and homes is taking back control of our health. And on top of that, we can't be damaging the planet in pursuit of our own well being. The good news - we can have it all. If we move with purpose.

"I believe all illnesses are a call for people to look at their inner lives and strive toward harmony in some form...If individual action is what drives the consumerist engine that is making us sick, the same spirit of the individual can repair and restore harmony to our world"

- John Lockley, a traditionally trained Xhosa sangoma (igqirha) from South Africa

The way of healing is the way to ourselves. When we connect with nature, we connect within.

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When I'm not working on NEUTRAL LIVING and all my other plans, you can find me in a workout, rewatching various episodes of Psych, having dance parties in my kitchen, stretching out on my yoga mat, reading a book, or near the water/in the mountains. 

At home I have a spunky shepherd mix named Cali, and a mini black panther named Remi. My husband, Conner is a big part of why I'm here - he's been my cheerleader in life since I was 14 years old. I'm so friggen lucky for that.

Daily gratitude is my secret weapon, and there's no such thing as too much cheese.

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