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Taking care of the planet is where we get our name. 

As someone who grew up with a deep connection to nature, and like most humans on this planet, it's scary to see the state of our climate and all of the work that needs to be done to save it. So many of us want change now because we realize how crucial it is. We don't have time to waste.

This business is something I'm adding to the world, and the purpose is to become part of the solution. We need more businesses prioritizing the planet over all else. We need more businesses reducing their carbon footprint (E-commerce accounts for ~35% of the worlds GHG emissions). We need more businesses cutting out toxins and chemicals harmful to our health. We need more people to expect this as the norm.

Everything we do, we do with these three questions in mind:

Is is good for the planet?

Is is good for our bodies?

Is it good for our minds?


The first step in becoming carbon neutral was figuring out how to follow our carbon credits to make sure they were actually making a difference.

I found that assistance with Native Energy, a B-corp local to Burlington, Vermont that works with several large businesses such as Ben + Jerry's and Lush to connect carbon credits with additive carbon reduction projects across the world. Essentially, we make sure our carbon credits actually work. 

(Read all the details in the FAQ section under Sustainable Roots.)

All packaging is either reusable, easily biodegradable, or grows wildflowers. 

Products have little to no plastic (only when completely necessary) and have a combination of benefits for our minds, bodies, and planet. Non-tox, cruelty free, ethically made.

Welcome to our corner.

Let's grow together.



Created to optimize our health, rooted in holistic practices to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet. 


We only work with value-aligned small businesses from around the world who prioritize giving back to their communities


We partner with a B-corp that helps track our carbon credits and makes sure they're used responsibly. We only ship using easily biodegradable or reusable materials


Join a growing community of like-minded individuals pursuing growth, intentional living, and connecting with the planet.

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