23 Unique Gift Ideas for Health, Self Care, and the Planet

Self care gifts are some of my favorite things to gift people. Period. Giving someone something that will bring joy, relaxation, solitude, peace, comfort, healing – it's such a special gift in return. Below are 23 gift ideas for the loved ones in your life, ranging from lunar wine stoppers, gourmet olive oil, and soy candles with personality so you can find the perfect present.

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1. Natural Rubber and Jute Yoga Mat - $88 ( +20% off through us)

Made of natural rubber tree and jute, I’ve manifested this yoga mat coming into my life for years. Chic + off-white, take this babe anywhere you go, it folds easily, rolls like a champ, and has plenty of room for stretching out on its non-slip surface

2. Protection from the Elements - $42

This is where style meets function meets major sustainability. Meet our new Duckhead Umbrella: 9 plastic bottles are recycled for every umbrella made, which is also made with 100% recycled fabric and the highest environmental standards. We're obsessed and you probably are too. A gift that will wow and be put to good use.

3. Memphis set - $25

Gift to your friend on a spiritual journey or someone who just needs a bit more zen in their life

4. Pendleton Pup Jacket - $69-$89

Holy cute. That is all.

5. A fun candle - $28

Garner a laugh with the unwrapping as these soy candles have personalities to match whoever you're gifting. Charmingly woodwick and scents that linger in a good way.

6. A serious candle - $38

To please your neutral-lover. Handmade in Brooklyn and stylishly minimal.

7. Candle accessories

For the ones that love candles...a little too much. (Count us in) Gift a snuffer and trimmer set to keep their candles lasting longer and add to the whole ritual of the thing

8. Luxury matches - $22

Lighting a candle with a match is the only way to do it in our books. Not only does it make the moment feel more special and alive, but you can rest easy knowing you're not hurting the planet in the process. Jonah matches are extra long to add a little *spice* and reach those candles that have been burned down.

9. 3D Tic Tac Toe - $64

Name a cuter coffee table attraction. We'll wait.

10. Omnis Oil + Gua Sha Duo - $73

Give the ultimate gift of self care to your loved one with body care accessories. For some reason we don’t always splurge on these items for ourselves, missing opportunities to nourish and refresh our bodies. Bian stone body gua shas typically go for over the $100 range so this one is a great snag paired with calming organic oil that doubles as aromatherapy.

11. Gourmet Olive Oil - Saratoga Olive Oil Co.

Honestly, who doesn't love olive oil? Send them our way because we need to talk. Saratoga Olive Oil has the best of the best. From fun flavors to classics done right, they have everything you need for the foodie in your life. Try out their balsamics as well - the Honey Ginger is Kate's fav. And don't forget the Truffle Sea Salt.

12. Wellness Tea - $22

Chill Out Cherry and Aim Chai hit both the morning and evening tea-lovers. Made with plant-based and chemical free materials, these blends are equally good for our body as they are for our soul.

13. Therapy pack - $49

Literally gift the gift of comfort. If you've ever relaxed at the touch of a heating pad, you know what this is all about. Bennie can be used hot or cold, over and over again. Filled with lentil beans and wrapped in cotton and linen fibers for a soft touch.

14. Polaroid Camera

Self explanatory. Memories waiting to happen.

15. Projector

Take movie nights up a notch and use for outdoor screenings or cozy ones in bed. Pillow forts also welcome.

16. Gut Support - $30

Friends make sure friends take care of their guts. When you can't be there, let the power of mushrooms and spirulina do the heavy lifting to support your loved one. Can be used in teas, smoothies, soups, salads, desserts, the ideas are really endless.

17. Cactus-bristle Dry Brush - $15

Named after the famous Sonora desert because of its cactus bristles, our dry brush tackles winter skin head on by gently exfoliating away dead skin and allowing moisturizers to take better effect. Dry brushing provides self care moments in a day that normally wouldn't be there, and improves the texture and feel of skin.

18. Ethically sourced dryer balls - $26

Haved your loved one try something new and eliminate toxins from a part of their personal care routine! Dryer balls are dryer sheet replacements and allow you to avoid contact with hazardous chemicals while reducing single-use waste. Good for 1,000+ loads so it's a money saver too. A cozy win-win.

19. A class

Have they been wanting to try something new but just haven't pulled the trigger yet? Be that little push they need. Book a solo class for them or make it a date for the two of you.

20. Gift card from a local store

Big shopping local fans here. If you're still stuck with what to get them and leaning towards a gift card, search for local stores around you or small businesses online. Doing it this way helps the economy and your local community grow. Plus it's still a personalized gift with room for them to pick out something they'd love.

21. Wine stoppers - $18

Because we're getting old and can't finish a bottle in one night anymore, that's why. But make it pretty.

22. Cat eyeglass stand - $42

The perfect night stand or desk accessory.

23. Mango wood and bone box - $50

To store trinkets, jewelry, nail accessories, or any other keepsakes. Made using ethically sourced, cruelty free bone from naturally deceased animals. For your earthy and minimalistic home lover.

Are you gifting this season? Comment below which ideas you loved most (and which you may be snagging for yourself) xx

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