3 Ways to Soothe Your Body in 3 Minutes

Self care can often fall to the bottom of our to-do lists when life gets busy.

Please remember: the busier your life gets, the more important self care becomes.

But we get that it can be hard to fit it in. That's why self care, even in micro-doses, can help keep us on track with our self love journeys and encourage our personal development.

Our bodies carry us through our days - the good, the bad, and the meh. The big moments. The emotional ones. The times we don't know how we'll carry on but we do. The times we feel happy and fulfilled but tired AF. It's vital to take care of our bodies as the important vessels they are..

If you're short on time, here are 3 easy ways to soothe your body that take 3 minutes. And if you find yourself with more time, lean further into these practices and see where they fit into your self care rituals.

1 -

Calf massage.

Your calves keep you on your feet all day movin' and groovin'. Strong calves are important to our heart health and support our joints. If you're on your feet all day, inflammation is more likely to settle around your calves, ankles, and feet.

Use an oil to deliver a restoring massage to your muscles doing the most. Stimulate circulation by pulling away from your ankles and up towards your heart.

We recommend using the Omnis Universal Oil - it's non-greasy, deeply hydrating, and made with organic and wild-crafted ingredients. It gives off a sexy, clean aroma and can be used all over the body and in hair as well. Learn more here.

2 -

Breathing exercises.

Everything is connected to our breath. It's probably the most underrated "wellness" practice out there, and yet it's so prevalent amongst the community for good reason. Ever wonder why taking cold showers or a dip in the lake is good for our health? Amongst other benefits, it causes us to really connect with our breath, going deeper and securing that mind-body connection.

Focus on breathing in the things that you desire - success, good outcomes, miracles, and breathing out the things you wish to become - love, kindness, confidence.

You can also try box breathing - breathing in, holding, breathing out, holding, each held for the same amount of time - which can get your body into sync.

Breathing exercises are all about that mind-body connection. So coming into your breath really lets you come into your body and become more aware of its needs and status.

3 -

Sit in stillness.

Even just doing this for 3 minutes can be a huge reset for our brains. Think about the last time you just sat in stillness. No distractions. No to-do lists. No taking care of anyone or thinking about what else you have to do today. Just stillness.

We don't slow down enough these days. Life goes by fast and everything seems urgent. Make sure to press the pause button once in awhile and just observe the way your body feels, what's pressing in your mind, and where your thoughts tend to lead to.

Having an awareness of our thought patterns and emotions that arise allow us to have a better handle on them and choose what to accept into our realities or not.

Not only is this practice soothing for our mental clarity, but it allows our bodies to rest, too. (And possibly bring our blood pressure down)


Try out these practices and see how they affect your life. Hopefully they can bring more clarity, focus, relief, and a deeper connection with yourself.

Let us know any of these 3 things in the comments:

1 - If you've tried any of these practices, and how they made you feel

2 - What you'd like to see covered next

3 - Anything else you do to squeeze a little self care into your days

Thank you for reading! Come on back for more wellness discussions, tips, and recommendations. This journal is here to support you on your wellness journey.

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