4 Ways to Know You're Practicing Self Care

Updated: May 19

Keep in mind that your self care journey will be different from anyone else’s, it’s not a copy and paste method. It’s about you: what do YOU need, what are YOUR limits, how do YOU speak to yourself?

1/ you find new boundaries, which sometimes means losing people & relationships

2/ you have more time for the things you love

3/ distractions become less distracting

4/ you become your own asset

I’m not gonna lie I’ve been struggling with this the past few weeks, on and off. And that’s OKAY! You’re okay. This expectation that we all need to come on here and be perfect only makes things feel more discouraging when they’re not.

If you’re ever in a funk, just remember you can...

1) Change your narrative (which is so powerful)

2) Give yourself a break (like Ross and Rachel)

3) Find comfort in the fact that you’re doing the very best you can

💡 Funks are temporary if you let them be.

You feel this? What kinds of things do you turn to for refocusing on self care?

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