5 Movements for a Tired Body

Low-impact movements to do when your body is feeling far from inspired.

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Maybe you’ve been crushing the work outs lately and you just need rest. Maybe life is feeling like a lot right now and you just can’t get yourself back into the rhythm of things. Maybe you’ve been out of the routine for so long, it just feels daunting to start.

I’ve fallen in and out of my exercise routine over the years, especially these last few months with everything going on. Moving, house projects, job stress – it's been a recipe for feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day. Often the busier we get, the less we tend to take care of ourselves.

Realistically, the busier we get, the more important self care becomes! Remind yourself of this often. It's the pot that our roots grow in.

remember, MOVEMENT = NOURISHMENT, not punishment

Long story short, I know a little something about overcoming the fears that can come up when your body doesn't feel as strong as it once was. Not expecting perfection out of ourselves as we're trying to make a change for the better is SO IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER.

Take the pressure off and let yourself know it’s okay if you don’t nail the consistency right off the bat. That can be all the reassurance you need just to get started.

Expect progress, not perfection.

(Don't stress yourself out)

Just starting will be the beginning of something great.

Our bodies crave movement. Naturally. Energy is flowing through us at all times, and if not released, it gets stuck in places. That’s what exercise and stretching regularly can do for us – break up these blockages, increase circulation and bring oxygenated blood to our muscles, leaving us feeling more connected to our bodies. Including small, light movement.

Rely on these movements first thing in the morning, before bed, or wherever they fit into your day. And be gentle with yourself, you’re always doing your best x




Present in every step of my movement journey. Child’s pose is a resting position that puts you in fetal position while opening up your shoulders and back for a stretch all the way up through your fingertips.

A place to come to in between stretches, or settle in and take a few deep breaths.

A stretch that simultaneously allows you to rest.



Also considered a resting pose, downwards dog keeps the arms and back engaged, while giving you flexibility to target different areas of the body that need attention.

Work in a calf stretch here, alternating legs, and make sure to get that stretch alllll the way up the spine, like when you see dogs stretching. It's animal instinct for a reason. It feels so good.

To get the most out of this position, raise one leg at a time and lift it up to the sky. This opens up your hips where a lot of stress is stored, and sends a hammy stretch down your supporting leg at the same time. This will get your heart beating and blood flowing while still low impact.



In my opinion, wall legs are severely underrated. They should be mandatory by WHO.

Our lower bodies hold us up day after day, supporting our weight and carrying our stress. We don't realize how much pressure is really on our joints and tired muscles until it comes off.

My body is healing from lyme and my legs get the worst of it. Often at night they will be physically shaking from pain, feeling swollen and brittle. But somehow I don’t realize how much pain I’m in until I lay down and put my legs up on the wall.

Instant. Relief.

Wall legs are like the feeling of falling into bed after a long day, but x1000 for your lower body. This pose stimulates circulation which relieves swollen joints.

All you need to do is lie there, throw on a podcast and let gravity do its thing.



Speaking of circulation…

I decided to include lymphatic movement in this piece because of the mind-body connection it fuels. Giving yourself a lymphatic massage requires you to consciously care for your body and pause your day to focus on it. Bringing your mind to take care of your body, which strengthens the connection between the two.

When circulation is stimulated, fresh, oxygenated blood can be delivered all throughout the body, leaving everything feeling rejuvenated and loved. It can reduce inflammation (the #1 cause of disease in our bodies) and bonus, improves the appearance of skin.

Try it out using our own bian stone gua sha, named Donna for unapologetically embracing our bodies.

Bian stone generates infrared radiation, further promoting blood circulation, & activates cells and tissues on deeper levels of the body. It also contains traces of minerals that our bodies need to function and thrive. Always use a gua sha with a body creme or oil – you can pair with our best-selling Omnis oil for a natural aromatherapy massage and feel the tension and stagnant energy melt away.

Get them together for 15% off with code "TREATYOSELF": GO WITH THE FLOW SET



Our calves are true heroes.

Strong calves support our hearts and keep our legs moving all day. Release tension daily by finding a secure wall or handle and planting one heel at a time, and stretching forward.

Then stretch the lower part of your calf by bending the knee, careful to keep it in line with the direction that your foot is pointing in, so you don't cause yourself injury.

We often forget about our dutiful little calves (or in my case big calves whoops), but they really are unsung heroes that just don’t get the attention they deserve. If you’re on your feet all day, supporting the muscles that support your joints is VITAL in reducing injury and pain. Nourished calves are the foundation of healthy daily movement.


Bonus that I'm just thinking of: ROLLING OUT YOUR MUSCLES! It's important to incorporate both stretching and rolling because they have different benefits.

Both share improved flexibility, toxin release, and prevent injury. Using a foam roller is also a simple self-massage that breaks up tightness in our muscles, triggering sensory receptors that connect muscle fibers to tendons, leaving our bodies feeling calmer and more relaxed.

And if you can swing it, get yourself a massage.

So, what’d you think? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments how you feel after trying and if there’s anything else you do to ease a tired bod xx

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