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5 Movements for a Tired Body

Low-impact movements to do when your body is feeling far from inspired.

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Maybe you’ve been crushing the work outs lately and you just need rest. Maybe life is feeling like a lot right now and you just can’t get yourself back into the rhythm of things. Maybe you’ve been out of the routine for so long, it just feels daunting to start.

I’ve fallen in and out of my exercise routine over the years, especially these last few months with everything going on. Moving, house projects, job stress – it's been a recipe for feeling like I don’t have enough time in the day. Often the busier we get, the less we tend to take care of ourselves.

Realistically, the busier we get, the more important self care becomes! Remind yourself of this often. It's the pot that our roots grow in.

remember, MOVEMENT = NOURISHMENT, not punishment

Long story short, I know a little something about overcoming the fears that can come up when your body doesn't feel as strong as it once was. Not expecting perfection out of ourselves as we're trying to make a change for the better is SO IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER.