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5 Ways to Reduce New Year's Stress

1. Make a list of everything you're proud of from the last 12 months. No moment is too small

2. Make a list of the challenges you're grateful presented themselves to you this year. Reflect on the lessons they brought your way, for if we can find growth in moments of setback, we can forever grow.

3. Set a few different kinds of goals for yourself -- accountability, wellness, career, life. Make them realistic and do so with compassion towards yourself.

4. Write down 3 affirmations / phrases that got you through this year. Then write 3 for the next.

5. Put on music that makes you happy. Dancing is one of the greatest relievers of stress and tension in the body.

Take a deep breath. Become one with your past, present, and future, and KNOW what you are destined for your dreams.

Realize that they will be ever evolving just like you. Remember that setbacks can often propel us forward, and make sure to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Tomorrow is not a deadline or a new start, it's a continuation of who you are.

You are a being. Let yourself be.

You got this.


Summoning calm + peaceful energy sets us up for a deeper self care moment.

Begin your practice by lighting a toxin-free candle and using white sage to welcome inner teachings.


A cleansing ritual set made up of organic Californian white sage, sustainably harvest palo santo from Peru, and a selenite wand from conflict-free mines in Morocco.


A soy candle made with essential oils for a light yet dynamic mood shift. Balsam is balanced with sandalwood to give a feeling of calm, clarity, and connection with nature.

Cheers to the new year ahead. Be gentle with yourself and commit unapologetically to your growth this year

You GOT this.

Go out there and make yourself proud.

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