Yes! Double Cleansing is a Thing and No, it’s not Repetitive.

Updated: May 19

Your skin will thank you later.

What is it? 🤷🏽‍♀️

A two-step part in your skincare routine: first, removing makeup with an oil-based cleanser (think balms or literal oils), and following up with a second cleansing product, most likely water based. The second step can be targeted towards a specific skin concern. For example, a clarifying cleanser to help with blemishes, or a hydrating one to nourish dry skin.

Why is it necessary? 🧖‍♀️

Your skin naturally produces oils and collects dirt throughout the day, whether you wear makeup or not. When we do wear makeup though, our pores are filled with product in order to even out skin texture and complexion. That’s already making it hard on our skin (and why good foundation is important - more on that later). On top of that, we have glands that naturally produce sweat and oils throughout the day, and top of THAT we come into contact with smog and dirt just going about our normal lives - unless you somehow live in the mountains with no industrial life surrounding you.

The first step will remove any makeup or dirt, while the second will interact directly with the skin and any remaining impurities. Build up in pores = dull looking skin.

It’s kind of like Chris Harrison on the Bachelor - the producers always do a great job, but it’s Chris that really sets the show apart.

I’ve gone through phases of double-cleansing and not, but I always notice a major difference in my skin when I do, and so I’ve decided it's non-negotiable.

My skin stays clearer, brighter, and keeps pore visibility to a minimum. It's been my secret weapon to combatting #mascne, too.

I’m currently using this vitamin-c micellar water from @naturabisse. It’s kind of boujee but it smells great and lasts forever. (I’ve been using two pumps a day for two months and it hardly looks like I’ve touched it, smells like Sunny-D)⠀

And by the way - @farmacy green clean is the sh-t. we come as a package deal, till death do us part.

By the way p. 2: Micellar waters are great products for your second step in a double cleansing routine. Think of them as a back up to your cleanser, which does all the heavy lifting. A micellar water goes in and pulls out all the dirt, oils, and makeup that got left behind (I always refer to it as ‘magnet water’). Daily it may not look like much, but over time (even just a few weeks) it makes all the difference. Because if there's any build up in your skin, bacteria can grow (👋🏼hi, breakouts), your pores tend to stretch which can cause uneven texture, and your skin can become imbalanced, causing excess dryness or oil. ⠀

On board yet?

Let me know if you've ever tried it in the comments below!

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