5 Ways to be Eco-Mindful this Holiday

Updated: May 19

Not sure where we got the idea that sustainable gift wrapping is boring? Using simple items like muslin or linen can actually make your gifts look uber high end, while costing just as much as your normal wrapping supplies each year. Plus, how pretty.

Plus plus, you can reuse them again next year, or make them a part of your gift & encourage sustainability amongst your gifting circle.

Did you know that household waste increases 25% from Thanksgiving to New Years? 🤯 No hate, I know these practices are long-engrained into our traditions. Just remember that when we throw things ‘away’, ‘away’ is somewhere, and ‘somewhere’ is growing bigger everyday.

The good news? There’s lots of ways to have the best of both worlds this season:

1) Consider your source

Choose sustainable or recycled materials when shopping for or wrapping your gifts. Paper with glitter can’t be recycled, and neither can plastic ribbon. Brown and white craft paper serve as beautiful clean slates for whatever decor theme you have in mind 💭 So do dark green, black, and grey if you're going for the neutral look.

🌱 Choose plan paper to wrap with, nothing metallic or with glitter

🌱 Try finding paper ribbon vs plastic ribbon

🌱 Garnish with natural elements such as dried fruits, tree clippings, flowers, etc

🌱 If you want to take it to the next level, wrap your gifts in square cloths for an elevated (totally waste-free) approach. You can make your own by purchasing fabric in bulk (2-3 yards) and cutting with searing scissors.

cloth gift wrapping for the holidays with natural garnishes like tree clippings dried oranges cinnamon and cranberries

Price comparison:

Cloth squares - about $1 each

Craft paper roll - $6

Dried grass/floral bouquet - $5

50+ dried orange slices - $7

Tree clippings - free

2) Gift local!

For MANY reasons. But one is that your local businesses are often the people taking more sustainable approaches in their day to day operations, versus the bigger companies that tend not to do that (and are doing just fine btw)

I personally I love gifting self care boxes, and there's usually so many elements you can find locally while supporting a variety of small businesses. I love including bars of soap...they smell great, look luxurious, and promote self care. They're also plastic and waste-free. Other things to include: soy candles, essential oils, matches, tub tea (look it up), bath bombs, socks, face masks, all the goods 🛁

3) The tree!🌲

Artificial trees, while convenient, have three times the impact on climate change and resource depletion than natural trees. And there are lots of places you can even donate to charity by purchasing a real one. Plus, they smell better.

4) Use reusable bags for your purchases

Make sure to leave a stash in your car for impromptu shopping trips. I also keep some by the front door so I can grab a few on my way out to run errands.

tea towel of rbg ruth bater ginsburg

5) Gift with purpose

Try out the less is more approach. Find items with value & meaning that you know will be put to use, or choose to gift an experience, your time, or talents.

(PS, tea towels are cute-ass gift ideas. They make some fricken cute ones these days and can be used for a variety of home needs)

How many of us celebrate the holiday season along with a giant bag of trash and wrapping paper and ribbon?

🙋🏽‍♀️ Me too. It’s not invited this year. Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season - I will never give that up - BUT this year I won’t compromise on being mindful of our environment.

Just start somewhere. You don't have to be perfect.

Pick one of the things on this list and run with it. I’ve been adding more ideas to my Pinterest boards as a one-stop shop for inspo.

Which one of these ideas resonates most with you? Let me know by commenting below! You’re probably not alone 🙌🏼 Let me know if there's anything on this list that I can further elaborate on. Happy holidays

x K

putting final touches on natural cloth gift wrapping with dried grasses

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