Paper Towels Are So Last Decade

One of the most rewarding ways to switch to sustainable? Tea towels! Because they can be FRICKEN CUTE. and without them, we’d be using way more paper towels than necessary. They’re there for the casual hand-brush off, counter wipe, drying dishes, drying anything. On my list every birthday and Christmas.

Truthfully, this has been the easiest switch to make in an effort towards a more low-waste lifestyle.

They’re inexpensive - avg 6 pack of paper towels costs $15 x 12, which is $180 a year. This RBG tea towel cost me $10 and can be used so many times over.

➡️ They also provide a little ‘treat yourself’ moment without the guilt, because you’re doing better by our planet while adding personality to your home. A win-win.

You don’t need to nix all the paper towels in your household right off, you can start with small steps.

In general, just be mindful of your paper towel use, and when sourcing them: find ones that are made from recycled material or bamboo, which is one of the fastest renewable resources on the planet. Bamboo has an incredible quick growth rate, which means it's not contributing to deforestation like normal paper towels do.

Comment your favorite sustainable habit below 🌱 Let’s get a convo going and swap ideas??

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