a love note from our higher selves

Updated: Jan 16

a reflection i wrote to myself some months ago, with additions from this past week --

i am becoming her.

the girl who loves her reflection in the mirror.

the girl who sees what she wants, and believes in her ability to get there.

the girl who lives and breathes her passion.

the girl who finds gratitude in the life around her and beauty in everything.

the girl who makes living an art

the girl who finds true confidence in being herself

the girl who sees this body as something to be celebrated and nourished.

i am here.

i am her.

this mantra came to me the other day when i was meditating and i repeated it until i really truly felt it.

i am here.



synchronizing my breaths with the words, rowing myself along, one breath at a time, to my destination. and when i got there, tears filled my eyes and a smile took over my face, involuntarily.

i was happy crying.

releasing the weight of being in search of her, and feeling the relief of being reunited.

i am here.

inhale, exhale

i think it's easy to get caught up in all the details of our lives and feel so overwhelmed by it all. less time for ourselves & the big picture, more time taking care of everybody else. less time nourishing, more time depleting.

all i know is that when we feed our souls first, magic happens. inside and around us.

like really feed our souls. when it's a priority before anything else; when we understand that we can't be present for others until we are present with ourselves.

i am here.

i am her.

i can't abandon her because then i'd be abandoning myself.

say this --

- i will never abandon myself.

- i love my mind and its ability to love back

- i love my body and all it has given me

- i'm grateful we are on this journey together

- i'm grateful for this life i'm given and the lessons i have yet to learn.

- i give myself permission to forgive others and most importantly myself

we are here to live life to the fullest extent we can imagine. not always in an outward way, but in a quiet, fulfilling one, too.


been listening to jay shetty's podcast the last few months and it has changed my life in so many ways. if you haven't heard of 'on purpose', let me help you get out from under that rock you've been living under and introduce you. his podcast (the #1 health podcast in the world) hosts amazing guests from mel robbins, will smith, alicia keys, more celebrities and wellness experts from around the world. his way of speaking, how he dives into self growth and everything holding us back, to mindset shifts that can help us get to a place where we are feeling continuously fulfilled in life... his words are so powerful and impactful.

i wrote this long before i knew about him, but it's so cool to pull out some larger themes from it that i learned on his recent episode with gwenyth paltrow. i won't spoil it, but he talks about mantras and how powerful they can be in our lives and mediation practices. you can listen on any podcast app (it's free) and i highly recommend. take yourself for a walk, have a slow morning, clean house, whatever you like to do while listening to your podcasts. this is a can't-miss...

sending love, good energy, and healing to everyone reading this and all our families xx kate

for more, find me on IG @neutrallivingkate

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