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Practical Steps to Connect Within and Make it to Spring in One Piece

Some practical ways to get through the rest of winter

photo: Olivia Gatti

I’m writing this on my back deck in mid-Feb in Vermont because it’s 50 and sunny and I swear it’s bringing me back to life. I deeply miss summer and the sunshine and all that comes with, but I’m also embracing winter and what’s here for me to pay attention to right here & right now. Using the slow parts season as an opportunity to dive deeper. This looks like having patience for myself and the life around me, working on solidifying habits and routines that make me feel my best, and deepening my close relationships including the one within.

Winter is a season of slow and rest. A tree does not become a tree by going through one season of this. It takes many. This time is vital for us to learn & grow and prepare for the prosperity that lies ahead.


You're doing just fine.

You are right on time.

You are part of this process.